How to Run Blog Successfully and Earn Money from Blog

There are countless bloggers and blogs are there in the web today. Some of these blogs are personal, some are professional, some of them try to sell their products, and most of them are blogs that are created to earn some money.

Earn Money from Blog

Everyday huge amount of bloggers are creating new blogs in blogger to start up their online fortune. They all start their blogs with good spirit and ambition to earn some money from the Internet.

However, most of the new blogs are abandoned with failure as people can't see the return of visitors, they expected or spammed by the people and search engine robots. So why do these blogs fail, while others can get lots of visitors and earn lots of money :)

I can tell you why these people stop writing to their blogs. I also have started many blogs. Each blog that created is about different subjects, but after creating many number of blogs i have gave up. Then i have figured out what my mistakes were, and what i need to do to become a successfully blogger.

If you are new to blogging era then you must sustain the growth of your blog. key to a blogs success is patience. That is the only thing you have to have from the start. Experts will tell you lots of things about good blogging, but if you don't have the patience, all those good advices will going from one ear and go out from the other. Those experts will tell you that you need to create good content. You need to write about something that you enjoy, something that you know. All of these are right. But without patience you can't do any of these advices. Because it takes time for a blog to become successful and start making money.
- You should have the patience to write regularly.
- You should have patience to create back links.
- You should have patience to do SEO for your blog.

So Patience is the very important key to run any blog successfully.

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  1. Dokemion September 18, 2010 at 6:27 PM
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  2. Passionate Blogger February 3, 2011 at 4:45 PM
    that is true. patience is the keyword to success. I am very new in blogging. visit me at

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