How to Replace "Followers" Title With an Image in Blogger

How many bloggers are there who wants to replace "Followers" Title With an Image in Blogger Siderbar?. Today i received a mail from TheoMat, asking help and hence inspired me to write this post on the topic of how to replace Google Followers title with image in Blogger sidebar.

I have already made a post about How to Replace Sidebar Widget's Title with an Image, but this hack will apply for all the widget's excepting Google provided "Followers" Widget.

How to Display Profile Images-Avatar in Blogger Comments

Now you can display profile images or avatar in blogger comments very easily, if you have a profile picture in blogger then whenever you comment on another blog you will see your profile image over there. After formally announced the Blogger Comment avatars you should know that it means you will see the profiles pictures of the commentators near to the comments made. Here is a screen shot for Avatars on Blogger Comments

this is the part that will show up on the main page.

Avatars on Blogger Comments

Now i think you are aware from what we are going to do, so now we will see how Avatars on Blogger Comments can show with little code in no time.

How to Add Breadcrumbs in Blogger to Support Easy Page Navigation

Breadcrumbs or breadcrumb is a navigation used in user interface, typically appear horizontally across the top of a web page, usually below title bars or headers in blog area.

Add Breadcrumbs in Blogger

I suggest every blogger who uses blogger as a blogging platform, should add breadcrumbs in blogger to gain SEO Advantage and to support easy page navigation to end users. The term "Breadcrumbs" comes from the trail of breadcrumbs left by Hansel and Gretel in the popular fairytale.

How to Add Signature Image at The End of Each Posts in Blogger

This post is for blogspot users who want to attach a signature in their Blogger Blogs. After Receiving an e-mail from one of my blog reader i have posted this article which will guide you through and let you know that How you can add Signature in Blogger like the image given here.

Signature in Blogger

Before Adding the signature you must have an image of your signature of any size, but i suggest you to use small signature image. you can use Microsoft Excel or Word to Create a signature image and save it as .jpg or .png, after having an image you need to upload it to your server.

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