How to Share Google Adsense Revenue in Blogger with Co-Authors

Today we will see How to Share Adsense Revenue for Multiple Authors in Blogger. To have multiple authors in a single blogger blog is very common now a days, and if your blog is having more than one author's then it is quite possible that the co-author wants to put his/her Google Ads code on their own posts.

Share Google Adsense Revenue in Blogger

If you are using wordpress then this is thing can be achieved with Plug-in itself, but in case of blogger you need to do it manually. So below here is a hack for how you can share Google Adsense revenue with multiple authors while using blogger.

Summary of Recent Features Provided by Blogger

If you are a blogspot user then i should let you make aware of Blogger's Recently Released Features, This post will be helpful to summarize some of the latest Blogger news and developments that Blogger team has done and is doing.

Blogger Summary

Blogger has introduced some very cool features like Template Designer, Blogger Stats, Accurate Post Preview, New Sharing Buttons, Zemanta Post Gadget and Google Affiliate Network.

Best Social Bookmarking Widget for Blogger (With Counter Button)

Having a social bookmarking icons on a blog is almost necessary for every blogger users in present. There is a booming demand in the market to have a Best Social Bookmarking Widget for Blog.

Two most beautiful features of this Social bookmarking widget are:

  • Sleek icons (Best to fit anywhere on the page)
  • Counter buttons (User can have idea about the posts popularity by showing the counter numbers)
After reading below given article, you will know that how you can add a Sleek or a Small Social media Icons as a social bookmarking widget in your blogspot blog.

Best Social Bookmarking Widget for Blogger

To add this Social Bookmarking widget in your blogger blog, you just need to follow the simple steps given below to. This Sleek social media icons include a digg button, re-tweet button, face-book share button, stumble upon button and a cute email this post link button.

How to Add Google SMS Channel Link as Gadget in Blogger

Alert your friends and fellows in real time on information that they care about through SMS. It is very useful for everyone if you know how to Add/Start Google SMS Channel Link/Gadget in Blogger. I have said for Bloggers this is very helpful because it might be help you and your readers to get synchronous.

Add Google SMS Channel

Using Google SMS Channel, As a subscriber you can subscribe to channels and you also can create your own channels and invite others to join. You might have seen SMS Channel of Best How To Blogger, you will find that in right sidebar as SMS Symbol.
Before subscribing to or creating an SMS Channel, you need to verify your mobile number.

Solution for Required Field Must not be Blank Error in Blogger

If you are using blogger and you have tried to add/edit any HTML/Javascript Gadget (in Page Element), then you must have came across this problem - the gadget cannot be saved without a title. Error message - "Required field must not be blank" and validation like "Please correct the errors on this form".

One way to solve the problem is to give them what they want - Put a title for the gadget your are editing or Adding.

How to Exclude Adsense Ads From Specific Posts in Blogger

How to show adsense in specific post only?. This is quite a different scenario, if you want to exclude or remove Adsense ads from particular posts in Blogger. I am writing this post specially for my online friend ejaji, he wants solution on How to Exclude Adsense Ads From Specific Posts in Blogger.

Exclude Adsense Ads From Specific Posts in Blogger


"I have Adsense on my blogger blog. I have put the Adsense code in the template so that the ads show up automatically in every post. However, I need to exclude Adsense on a couple of posts. Is there any way of doing that? I know that, in Wordpress, there are plugins that do just that, but I need the same solution in blogger. Please help fast!"

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