Add Google Talk Chatback Badges in Blogger and Stay Connected with Readers

Add Google Talk Chatback Badges in Blogger and Stay Connected with your Blog Readers. A Google Talk chatback badge will let visitors to your web page chat with you. They'll be able to chat with you whenever you're signed in to Google Talk as yourgmailid@gmail.com.

Google Chatback badge
A Google Talk chatback badge allows others to chat with you even if they haven't signed up for Google Talk on their Google Account or if they don't have a Google Account. You can put the badge in your blog or website, and people who visit those pages can chat with you. The badge will display your online status (whether you're available to chat or not) and, optionally, your status message.

To use this badge, copy and paste the HTML code below into your web page. If the site that hosts your web page does not support direct HTML editing or embedded frames then click 'Edit' to select a style of badge that does not use frames. If you want to include your badge in an email message, you should use the 'Hyperlink only' or 'Url only' styles.

Add chat Gadget in blogger

Note: You need to be a Google Talk user to create a badge, and you'll need to be online and available (with a green ball next to your name) in Google Talk to enable people to chat with you.

Steps to Add Google Talk Chatback Badges in Blogger

#Step 1. Go to http://www.google.com/talk/service/badge/New and fill the necessary detail as described above, like Nick name, Badge style and Title of the badge.

Update Chat Widget

Now look for JavaScript code generated at the end of the page. Copy the JavScript code.

#Step 2. Log in to your Blogger Dashboard and Navigate to Design> Page Element.


#Step 3. Add a Gadget as HTML/JavaScript and Paste the Code we have copied in #step 2.

Add A Gadget as HTML JavaScript

#Step 4. Save your Template and Done!. Now Whenever your blog reader will open chat session you will have the chat box pop up visible in your Gmail in-box page (refer below sample screen shot).

Guest Chat box

Enjoy! and chat with your blog readers. If you need any help please Leave a response.

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