Solution for Required Field Must not be Blank Error in Blogger

If you are using blogger and you have tried to add/edit any HTML/Javascript Gadget (in Page Element), then you must have came across this problem - the gadget cannot be saved without a title. Error message - "Required field must not be blank" and validation like "Please correct the errors on this form".

One way to solve the problem is to give them what they want - Put a title for the gadget your are editing or Adding.

But if you don't want to enter title field (you want to keep Title field blank) then there is a simple solution available.

How to Solve Required Field Must not be Blank Error in Blogger

Just Put the HTML comment tag given below into the box (field) for the title and save your HTML/JavaScript Gadget. Such HTML comment tag will not be displayed in any browser, because browser will not render this type of comments - they are used for identifying some code of sections in your html code.
<!-- -->
Further, if you wish you can put some texts between the comment tag, it too will not be displayed.

<!-- This is a comment text, will not be displayed in Browser-->

There is an another solution also available for this problem: While Pressing Right ALT key from keyboard Press 255 from Numpad and Release Alt key. you will have a space into the box (field) for the title :)

What Google Employee says on this:

Just following-up to let everyone know that we will remove the Title requirement; we won't be able to get to the change this week but very soon thereafter.

Thanks for your patience in the meantime, and thanks for the feedback. It's important to hear stuff like this :-)

brett (Google Employee)

Hope this will solve your problem, in case you required my help leave a comment here :)

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